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The Good Red Earth by Freshly Ground


Making up and arranging songs and tunes has been a huge pleasure since I first came to folk music some 15 years ago. More recently, Iíve been dabbling in the dangerous waters of arranging traditional songs for choirs since being invited to lead a wonderful community choir in my home village of Cheddar some four years ago. This has opened my eyes to the joys of choral singing, and has also inspired the writing of some new songs specifically for choirs.

Comment from Bonny Sartin - "I'm assuming this copy of The Good Red Earth is a gift from Freshly Ground. Put it this way, they're not getting it back, it's gone straight into the Sartin family top ten".

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Track Listing

1 John Ball
2 The Quakerís Wife  
3 The Reddleman
4 Widecombe Fair  
5 Martinmas Time  
6 The Last Tommy
7 The Keys of Canterbury  
8 Watercress O  
9 Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya  
10 The Would-be Lover  
11 Hey John Barleycorn
12 Princess Caraboo  
13 The Cold Dark Days of Winter  
The Good Red Earth album cover
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Freshly Ground
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