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The Traditional Morris Music Album by Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway


A century and a half ago, young men in and around the Cotswolds, the Welsh borders, Lancashire and Cheshire, and to a lesser extent, in other parts of the country, would, at specific times of the year, dress up in flowered costumes, and perform what they knew as morris dances. These varied in style according to the locality. In most cases the dates on which they danced coincided with quiet times on the farms.

This album has been re-released in conjunction with Talking Elephant. It was originally released by MCI.

Chris Bartram fiddle, tambourine
Keith Holloway melodeons, mandolin, triangle, bass drum
Dave Townsend English concertina
Charles Spicer fife, oboe, pipe and tabor
Phil Humphries trombone
Charlie Marsden side drum

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Track Listing

1 The Quaker
2 Little Polly Polka
3 The Queen's Delight  
4 The Blue-Eyed Stranger/The Forester  
5 Lumps of Plum Pudding  
6 Trunkles/Rigs of Marlow  
7 Jockie to the Fair  
8 Bean Setting  
9 Green and Gold
10 Princes Royal  
11 Beatrice Hill's Three-Handed Reel  
12 The Black Joke  
13 The Ladies Pleasure  
14 The Ninety-Five/ A Hundred Pipers  
15 The Crossed Pipe Dance (Greensleeves)  
16 Dilwyn  
17 Constant Billy  
18 Shepherd's Hey/Squire's Dance  
19 Swaggering Boney  
20 Princess Royal
21 The Lass of Dallogill/Lillibulero
The Traditional Morris Music Album album cover
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Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway
(Lead Musicians on the Trad. Morris Album)
Dave Townsend, Charles Spicer, Phil Humphries
(support musicians on the Trad.Morris Album)
Dave Townsend
(Concertina on the Trad. Morris Album)


Andy Stevens