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The Paupers Path to Hope by Mick Ryan show The Pauper's Path cast



A folk opera, celebrating the extraordinary resilience of ordinary people.

By Mick Ryan.

Another folk opera by the author/composer of 'A Day's Work', 'The Voyage', 'Tanks For The Memory' and 'The Navvy's Wife'. Through original song, music, verse, monologue and dialogue, 'THE PAUPER'S PATH to Hope', tells the stories of seven people forced by circumstance to enter the dreaded workhouse of the nineteenth century, but able, by courage and determination to escape its clutches.

This latest offering from Mick features:-

Mick Ryan
Paul Downes
Roy Clinging
Heather Bradford
Judy Dunlop
Maggie Boyle
Phoebe Kirrage

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Track Listing

1 The Workhouse
2 Let Us In  
3 This Is the Workhouse/ You Can't Have That
4 Time  
5 Locks and Bolts  
6 Turn That Mill  
7 Fire Against the Cold  
8 Long Ago and Far Away
9 Free at Last  
10 Who?  
11 My Child  
12 The Workhouse Child (Part One)/ Work! Work! When's It Gonna Stop?
13 Industry, Usefulness, Virtue
21 In Their Eyes  
22 The Vagrant's Song  
23 The Union (Part One)  
24 Do You Remember?  
25 A Jolly Good Job  
26 That's My Story  
27 Down Among the Dead Men  
28 The Union' (Part Two)  
29 The Workhouse Child (Part Two)  
30 Is That You?  
31 No One Saw Me  
32 Where Shall I Go?  
33 My Home  
34 The Path to Hope  
35 The Pauper's Path  
The Paupers Path to Hope album cover
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Mick Ryan show The Pauper's Path cast
(New cast including some of The Navvy's Wife Cast)


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