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The Devil's Interval


From fRoots article July 2006

The past decade has witnessed a huge number of brilliant young instrumentalists re?invigorating the UK folk scene And now, it's time to bring on the singers Brian Peters introduces the trio most likely

0K, readers, here's a bit of hands-on: pull out that guitar, play the bottom string open and the fifth string fretted at the first. Nasty noise, huh? You've just hit the dreaded tritone (three whole tones) named 'The Devil's Interval' for its sinister dissonance. I mention it only so that you won't be the umpteenth person to ask Jim Causley, Emily Portman and Lauren McCormick what on earth their collective moniker is all about, when you next meet the threesome at a venue near you. And meet them you surely will, for The Devil's Interval is set to be the next youth sensation in the world of English traditional song.

We're already accustomed to young bands from all corners of these islands with awesome technical abilities on fiddles, melodeons, or pipes, and many of them have a good singer or two on board. But these Devils are a bit different. Although not averse to instrumentation here and there, the thrust of what they do is vocal harmony and they do it in a very special way. They don't actually sound like the Young Tradition, those attitude drenched folk 'n' rollers of the 1960s, but their wide-open attitudes and experimental approach will surely have YT kingpin Peter Bellamy raising a glass to them somewhere in Folk Heaven.

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