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Keith Kendrick & Lynne Heraud


Keith Kendrick

Keith has worked in the national and international folk scene for some 35 years, first coming to prominence with the all-round folk band The Druids', which also contained John Adams, Mick Hennessey, Dave Broughton and Judy Longden ultimately specialising in a unique blend of four-part harmony singing. The Druids also formed and became the resident band for the the 'Druids Folk Club' in 1968 and from there went on to play most of the major folk clubs and festivals in England. They produced two of their own albums and several project recordings for the 'Argo' label including 'Songs and Music of the Redcoats' with Anglo/Australian songster Martyn Wyndham Read.

After 'The Druids' came `TUP', a three piece accapella group with Jim Boyes and Lester Simpson (now of Coope, Boyes and Simpson). Around the same time Keith founded and led the all-singing, all-dancing English Country Dance Band 'Rams Bottom' producing just one, but widely acclaimed album, 'The Young May Moon'.

Just to show what a tangled web we weave, Keith also sang with Barry Coope for nigh on 12 years until his move to Kent in 1988. Amid all this came a four year stint with the last line-up of the much lamented 'Muckram Wakes'.

Despite a return to his native Derbyshire in 1995 Keith still performs with Kent based ceilidh band 'The East Kent Hoppers' and maritime duo 'The Anchor Men' both formed while living in the South East, the latter having produced one CD 'Nautical but Nice' (VOR) in 1994.

Keith returned to full time performing in 1991 but this time as a soloist. Since then he has again guested at many of the folk clubs and festivals in England and all over the world with two albums 'Me 'Umble Lot' (VOR) and 'Home Ground' (Fellside) to his credit.

Lynne Heraud

Lynne hails from Stanstead Abbotts in. Hertfordshire, hence the well-earned nickname 'The Hertfordshire Nightingale'. For many years she ran and was resident for the very successful Hoddesdon Folk Music Club, which was where she started singing in 1970.
Many will remember her excellent work in duet with Sue Ashby throughout the 70's, and the 80's trio 'Tom, Dick and Harry' with Frank Lee and John Lambert.

In the late 80's Lynne joined forces with Pete Cunningham and Pat Turner as 'Brandis' and still sings with Pat today performing a wide range of mainly English songs in harmony, either unaccompanied or with guitar. Both these combinations have performed widely throughout the Nation.

Needless to say, Lynne is a very strong performer with an incredibly varied repertoire and an uncanny aptitude for ballad delivery.

Lynne and I share a great affinity and enthusiasm in our approach to the performance of `English' traditional music, particularly songs and ballads, and if we have reached ( dare I say? ) any level of excellence, it's thanks to the faith you have all shown in giving us that all important gigging platform, which in turn provided us with the impetus and more importantly the resources, from which to develop and hone our product `on the win' as it were.

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