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Hector Gilchrist


Hector is blessed with a wonderful voice and a way of carrying a song so that it touches the listener.

A long term performer on the Folk Scene, Hector has appeared in Clubs and Festivals as a solo artist or in the duo Selkie. Hector sings a variety of songs from Scottish traditional, through Burns to contemporary material. Many of his songs have marked the journey from his native Ayrshire and a career in the Dairy Industry, which has taken him for lengthy periods to Cheshire, Aberdeenshire, Surrey, Dublin, East Clare, Isle of Man and Normandy. Through it all, folk music has remained a constant presence and a link to many friends where he has lived and sung.

Now retired from business, he is finding more time to perform and to bring his audience that late night, fireside warmth round the Ingleneuk.

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Albums featuring this artist

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