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Roam the Country Through by Jeff Warner


Iíve been surrounded by traditional song for as long as I can remember. As a boy, and later as a teen, I was with my parents, Anne and Frank Warner, on some of their song-collecting trips in North Carolina and New York Stateís Adirondack Mountains. I learned first-hand the value rural singers placed on the songs passed down to them. Iím glad I got to meet people for whom old songs were their mainósometimes onlyómusic. Some of the songs on this album I learned from the singers my parents met, some from early country music recordings and most, I see, from friends along the way who had the same love of tradition that I did. Now, Iím proud to pass them on to new friends.

Tracks on the album are accompanied by:-
Jeff Warner: vocals, English concertina, banjo, guitar, jig-doll; Alice Jones: vocals, harmonium, piano, whistle;
Ben Paley: fiddle

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Track Listing

1 Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel
2 Beautiful Life
3 Girls They Go Wild Over Me
4 A Frog He Went A-Courting  
5 Lass of Gleanshea  
6 Hitting the Trail Tonight  
7 Gypsum Davy
8 Bony on the Isle of St. Helena  
9 Roving Peddler  
10 Days of Ď49  
11 Better Home
12 My Dixie Darling  
13 Jamie Judge  
14 Train on the Island  
15 Tenting Tonight  
16 Itís My Lazy Day
17 Jamestown Homeward Bound  
Roam the Country Through album cover
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