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Cyprus Well by Jim Causley


This album is a collection of Charles Causley poems set to music and sung by me – Jim Causley. I first began setting these wonderful poems to music about seven years ago. I had grown up having them read to me and I have a distant memory of a primary school teacher holding a book in front of me and explaining that I had the same name as its author. I didn’t have any difficulty choosing which ones to set; they jumped out at me quite readily and the tunes flowed swiftly and with ease. The talented musicians who have helped me create this album found that the accompaniments flowed easily to the words and they all tied together with a keen love of Charles’ work. Recording these poems in Cyprus Well and Mount Pleasant was a very moving experience and I think all involved felt his presence throughout. If I have in any way brought new interest to Charles’ work and the continued work of the Charles Causley Trust and the Charles Causley Society then I am overjoyed. Jim Causley South Zeal, Devon - March 2013

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Jim Causley
(Great West Country Singer)


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