Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Currently taking the folk world by storm, Vicki is one of the best pipers in the business, able to seamlessly veer from soulful airs to driving, up-tempo tunes to set every foot tapping, and this is all aided by Jonnys brilliantly inventive, subtle yet strong guitar work. Although best-known for their instrumental skills, the duo have also added a healthy number of songs to their act, and have rightly established themselves as one of the best young duos around on the folk scene today! Vicki Swan (Scottish Smallpipes, Flute, Double Bass, Vocals) Vicki formed her first band at the age of eight; a duo with a friend who lived just down the road. Vicki was very disappointed when the friend expressed a wish to go and become an astronaut and not a full time busker. Going on to study solo double bass at the Royal College of Music she became principal bass and won the solo bass competition. On leaving music college Vicki saw the light and took up the Scottish Smallpipes and hasnt looked back, only dusting off the bass to collaborate with other folk musicians. Having studied under as many different pipers as possible Vicki now attempts to teach the Smallpipes to pipers all round the world using the internet. Vicki also likes skiing, pancakes, geeky computer toys and grapes Jonny Dyer (Vocals, Guitar, Accordion) Having sung in choirs for most of his life and played the guitar for 15 years, Jonny has spent a long time trying to do the two at the same time. Sadly, being an advanced sufferer of the male malaise called cant-multitask, this has been a long time coming. Sitting down has helped, but perhaps the most important break through was working with Vicki who can remind him to breathe just before he turns blue and falls off his chair. Jonny likes long tea breaks and apple crumble.

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