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Sleeve Notes for The Moon Shines Bright by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

The Moon Shines BrightHeraud and Turner take their listeners on a magical journey through their varied repertoire of traditional and contemporary songs.  When it sounds this good, its worth clambering aboard.  Living Tradition)

Riveting with any song and unbeatable as soon as they approach the traditional repertoire   (Folk London)


The Moon Shines Bright (Trad)
Take heed from this joyful song with a very clear message. It was collected from James Beale in Warehorne, Kent in 1908 and is one of the songs in the delightful EFDSS publication Still Growing.

Autumn Is Down (Pat Turner)
A seasonal sally into our agricultural past.  You have to imagine winsome lads, buxom lasses and lamplit glades in the forest.

Therell Never Be Peace Until Jamie Comes Home (Robert Burns)
Robert Burns sent the words of this song to his friend Alex Cunningham, which was then set to the Jacobite air There Are Few Good Fellows When Jamies Awa.  Needless to say, this song was originally written in Scottish dialect, but has been ably Anglicised by Pat!

Odd Sock (Lynne Heraud)
This is a song that was written after a discussion with friends about the odd sock phenomenon.  No-one seems to know why we all end up with a pile of unmatching socks. We feel that there are a lot of people who have the characteristics of odd socks!

Where The Seeds Of Love Grew (Keith Scowcroft/Lynne Heraud)
A poem from the prolific pen of Keith (Scowie) Scowcroft with a tune by Lynne.  Scowie has had three volumes of poetry published and some of those poems have been set to music and are sung up and down the country.

Cupids Garden (Trad)
A joyful song from the much loves Copper family from Rottingdean in Susses/

Man In Grey (Pat Turner)
A topical comment.  The Man in Grey can be whoever you want him to be .

Fair Maid of Islington (Trad)
This is also known as The Vintner Over-Reached and he certainly was! The tune is Caper and Ferk which was written by William Byrd in the early 17th century. The words appear in Thomas D'Urfey's Pills to Purge Melancholy (1707).  

Regret (Lynne Heraud)
Most of us, at some time in our lives, have found ourselves in a position we never thought to be in and consequently wished ourselves somewhere else.  

The Golden Wheat
A beautiful Welsh Air, with English words by Will Sanhow.

Spanish Dancer (Patti Scialfa)
An intriguing love song  and one were still trying to figure out.

My Bonnie Bonnie Boy (Trad)
Another winsome lad, this time with two buxom lasses on the go.  This beautiful song was collected by Lucy Broadwood in Hampshire and appears in English County Songs published by JB Cramer & Co. Ltd.  

Bright Fine Gold (Trad)
A song from New Zealand about an unsuccessful gold prospector.

Bonny Labouring Boy (Trad)
Just to prove that nothing changes  girls are still being locked in their bedrooms!

No More (Brenda Orrell)
Brenda has written so many good songs.  We heard Collin Orrell singing this one, and it struck a chord.

I Just Want To Be Like The Other Girls (Lynne Heraud)
Lynne wrote this song music hall style.  An amusing song about a very serious subject!

Track Notes

1 The Moon Shines Bright (Trad)

2 Autumn Is Down (Pat Turner)

3 Thereíll Never Be Peace Until Jamie Comes Home (Robert Burns)

4 Odd Sock (Lynne Heraud)

5 Where The Seeds Of Love Grew (Keith Scowcroft/Lynne Heraud)

6 Cupidís Garden (Trad)

7 Man In Grey (Pat Turner)

8 Fair Maid of Islington (Trad)

9 Regret (Lynne Heraud)

10 The Golden Wheat

11 Spanish Dancer (Patti Scialfa)

12 My Bonnie Bonnie Boy (Trad)

13 Bright Fine Gold (Trad)

14 Bonny Labouring Boy (Trad)

15 No More (Brenda Orrell)

16 I Just Want To Be Like The Other Girls (Lynne Heraud)