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Sleeve Notes for Something to Show by Mick Ryan & Pete Harris

Something to ShowA mix of traditional songs & Mick Ryans own compositions sung by one of the best traditional singers in the country. Pete Harris provides vocal harmonies and rich instrumental accompaniments on guitar, mandola, bouzouki, whistles and bass guitar. Guest musicians include Tim van Eyken on melodeon, Paul Sartin on oboe and Paul Burgess on fiddle.


SOMETHING TO SHOW   -   is the 5th and latest album from Mick and Pete. It contains a mix of traditional songs, some of Micks own compositions and one song by Graham Moore. Mick is widely accepted as one of the best traditional singers in the country and as you would expect, Pete Harris provides vocal harmonies (plus one solo song) and uses his great talent to provide a rich set of accompaniments on: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, whistles and electric bass. However, even Pete cannot play everything and this time they have been joined by guests: Paul Burgess on fiddle,  Paul Sartin on oboe,& Tim van Eyken on Melodeon.

As you may guess, this makes for a varied and striking sound which  provides a wonderful backdrop to the songs.

Track Notes

1 The Ballad Seller

2 The Queen of the May

3 Sons of the Land

4 Farewell My Dearest Dear

5 Jack Went A-Sailing

6 The Grey Hawk

7 King Kaley

8 Work, Work, Whens It Gonna Stop?

9 Something To Show

10 Faithless Sally Brown

11 The Last of England

12 Two Brethren

13 The Prince of Peace

14 The Eighteenth of June