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Sleeve Notes for The Long Road by Mick Ryan & Pete Harris

The Long RoadThis is the fifth album from Mick and Pete. It includes original compositions from Mick, songs from his shows and traditional songs arranged by Pete. Many of the songs can be linked either figuratively or literally to the concept of the road. The varied and often intricate accompaniments include:
Pete Harris on guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, mandola , fretless base, banjo and whistles

fiddle from Steven Faux and
oboe from Paul Sartin of Belshazzars Feast and Dr Faustus


Mick Ryan is well known on the folk scene as a fine singer of traditional and original material. Throughout the eighties he was seen at clubs and festivals as lead singer with the very popular Crows. Reviewing the bands second album, Folk Roots described him as definitely the most underrated singer in the country. Having written both comic and serious songs for the band and having been co-author of a stage musical performed at the Barbican in London (1987) and the lyrics for a Radio 4 drama, Mick continued writing and singing after the band split up in 1988. Subsequently he was author/co-author of songs for the hugely popular folk musical A Tolpuddle Man, this with Graham Moore, with whom he formed an acclaimed performing and writing partnership.

Mick has written three more  folk musicals, A Days Work about the first world war, The Voyage which is about emigration to America in the mid 19th century and just premiered Tanks for the Memory. Both the first and the second of these shows have been on tour around the UK and Ireland to great acclaim.  

Pete Harris is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer(guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, banjo, bass guitar, whistle). On the folk scene Pete has worked with a number of successful bands including The New St. George and The Bursledon Village Band and is also a fine solo performer. Outside the folk scene  he has featured as singer and lead guitarist with a number of blues and R&B bands, most notably The Bob Pearce Blues Band with whom he performed throughout the U.K. and on the Continent, recording a live album on the Blue Horizon label. Pete is currently leading the 6-piece Pete Harris Blues Band.

Since their formation as a duo in 1993, Mick and Pete have played at  folk clubs and festivals throughout England  and have released four albums previous to this one. They were performers last year at the prestigious Sidmouth & Warwick Festivals as well as at numerous other festivals.

Track Notes

1 The Road to Dorchester

2 The Black Horse

3 Poppies

4 The Journey

5 Time to Remember the Poor

6 The Bonnie Irish Maid

7 Strange Fruit

8 Holmes and Watson

9 The Two Sisters

10 Song for John

11 Voices From the Past

12 The Crafty Maids Policy

13 Desperate Dan

14 The Wrong Side of the World