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Sleeve Notes for A Little Bit Off the Top by Den Giddins

A Little Bit Off the TopAn album of by an entertainer well steeped in the tradition of the songs and how they should be delivered.


Den seems to burst with energy and zest for life and this comes across in his songs. He once told us that if he had his life over again he would like to entertain on stage. Well, weve got news for you Den, you dont need the stage!

Track Notes

1 Down in the fields where the buttercups grow

2 In These Old Lavender Trousers

3 The crockery ware

4 Fatherís whiskers

5 Samuel Duff

6 Hang on the bell Nellie (Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight)

7 My old Dutch

8 The league of nations

9 Little Billy Willams

10 I wish I was a skinhead like me Dad

11 Never let your braces dangle

12 Pocket knife song

13 The fly be on the turnip

14 The handy house hold help

15 Write a little folk song

16 I frightened it might get out

17 Three pots a shilling

18 Kid Macoy

19 Old time religion

20 Jerusalem cuckoo

21 Mrs Carter

22 Home Lads Home