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Sleeve Notes for Changeling by Crucible

ChangelingCrucible are a young band singing and playing traditional music with a strong English flavour that springs from living, working and playing together in the vibrant traditional music scene of Sheffield.


Crucible are a young band with strong roots in English traditional song and dance. The members of the band play and dance Morris and also play in two ceilidh bands, Hekety and Jabadaw, who both have reputations as two of the most exciting  bands on the circuit. Crucible was set up as a stage band to concentrate on singing.  They play and sing with a confidence that comes from deep knowledge and with all the attack that comes from a young band. This band are playing on all the main festival stages and already have done 2 Canadian tours and trips to continental Europe.

Track Notes

1 Bold Poachers

2 From Night til Morn

3 Harvest Song

4 The Devil and The Farmers Wife

5 The Engagement Set

6 Blackbird/Black Nag

7 Changelings Lullaby

8 Yield,Yield Ye Mighty to the Lord

9 Sherborne Jig/Queens Delight

10 Poor Mans Labours

11 The Second of August

12 Thermidor

13 Evening Hymn