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Sleeve Notes for Sharp Practice by Mary Humphreys & Anahata

Sharp PracticeAn assortment of previously unrecorded material from the English folk tradition, much of it previously unrecorded, in a dazzling variety of arrangements. There are neglected gems from Cecil Sharps collections, alternative versions of old favorites and a number of tunes, some written by friends and others much older, that simply havent had the exposure they deserve. The arrangements range from unaccompanied singing to complex multitracked extravaganzas with melodeons, concertinas, banjo, cello and piano played by Mary and Anahata, together with contributions on fiddle, flute and recorder from Dave and Gina Holland.


Singer Mary Humphreys, whose vocal style has been informed by listening to traditional singers, and multi-intrumentalist Anahata emerge from years of   working in their  local folk communities to present an assortment of previously unrecorded material from the English folk tradition.

Track Notes

1 Mermaid/Marmalade Polka

2 No my love, not I

3 Jenny Bell/Carrion Crow

4 India War/Jackís Health

5 Barbíry Ellen

6 Dunmow Galumph/Danbury Hill

7 Young Banker/Rosie

8 Sheath and Knife

9 Marsden/London/Stoney Steps Hornpipe

10 Pride of the Season

11 Windsor Terrace/Mississippi Mud

12 Spotted Cow

13 Waltz for the Veleta/Faithful Sailor Boy