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Sleeve Notes for Prevailing Winds by Tom & Barbara Brown

Prevailing WindsThis collection brings together a broad range of accompanied and unaccompanied songs, mostly from Englands West Country traditions, but spanning some four hundred years.  Some of them, Tom and Barbara grew up with, others have been acquired along the way during nearly forty years of involvement with English songs and tunes. The strong supporting cast includes:

Ralph Jordan  Duet Concertina, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar
Keith Holloway  Melodeon,
Melanie Barber  Percussion feet
Barry Lister  Tuba and chorus vocals
Francis Verdigi  Fiddles and viola

and an all too rare appearance of
Charley Yarwood  Bones and chorus vocals

Plus other chorus vocals by Cathy Barclay, Brenda Bernside, John Garrick, Rowan Walker-Brown

Track Notes

1 Coming-in Song

2 Cottage Well Thatched With Straw

3 The Farmer & His Wife

4 Devon & Somerset Staghounds

5 Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime

6 Soap Starch & Candles

7 Louisa’s Journey

8 Down In The Diving Bell

9 Bitter Withy

10 Tithe Pig

11 Egloshayle Ringers

12 The Man of Dover

13 Nancy Myles

14 Sir Francis Drake/The Bold Privateer

15 Pleasant & Delightful