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Sleeve Notes for A Gower Garland by Calennig

A Gower GarlandA celebration in song and melody of the rich cultural heritage of the Gower Peninsula in Wales.


..this album has been produced to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Phil Tanner the `Gower Nightingale Mick and Pat have been researching traditional material frorn Wales for over 20 years and the songs and tunes in this album are from the lovely Gower Peninsula of that picturesque principality. Fine stuff.  Folk Northwest  Summer 2000

The concertina-accordion duets are played with vim, invention and subtlety  Shreds and Patches 2000

Track Notes

1 Gower Reel

2 Fair Phoebe and the Dark-Eyed Sailor

3 Gowerton Fair

4 Sandy Banks

5 Brandys Song

6 Poor Old Horse

7 The Mistletoe Bough

8 Rise Up a New Years Morning

9 The Wassail Song

10 Lumbers (the Coosha)

11 Soap,Starch,Candles

12 Mumbles Hornpipe/Porteynon Whim

13 Swansea Barracks

14 Souling Song