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Sleeve Notes for Hard Season by Mick Ryan & Pete Harris

Hard SeasonMix of traditional songs & Mick Ryans own compositions. Vocal harmony with rich instrumental accompaniments including guitar, mandola, bouzouki, oboe, fiddle, melodeon..


...superb music-making....the balance between Micks seemingly effortless vocals and Petes sympathetic accompaniment on a range of instruments as well as harmony vocals gives this CD a diversity which wouldnt normally be associated with an album of mainly Trad Arrs.

Of course to anyone familiar with Micks original and entertaining folk musicals this will come as no surprise at all, but for anyone else just dip anywhere into this album and you will come out with plums each time.

As we go into a new era there could be no better fellow travellers than Mick Ryan and Pete Harris to remind and reassure us through this superb collection that the folk tradition is alive and well and will step strongly with us.
Highly recommended.    Folk on Tap

Track Notes

1 I Wont Take That Lying Down

2 Spencer the Rover

3 Long Hard Season

4 The Lass of Islington

5 The Drunkards Lament

6 Leaves of Life

7 Night Visiting Song

8 The Recruited Collier

9 The Foggy Dew

10 Fair was the City

11 Just As the Tide Was Flowing

12 The Plains of Waterloo

13 Willy Worrell

14 The Leaving Time

15 Come and Be a Soldier