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Sleeve Notes for Drop the Reed by Belshazzar's Feast

Drop the ReedEnglish, French & new tunes and songs from virtuosic duo on accordion, fiddle and oboe


By request, this album features only Paul Sartin and Paul Hutchinson and was recorded as a faithful reproduction of their increasingly popular live work. The album is entitled Drop the Reed and will go a long way to enhance  the increasing reputation of the duo.

Track Notes

1 The May Reels

2 Half Hannikin/The Recruiting Officer

3 The Miller of Dee/La Belle Jardiniere/Ebenezer

4 La Petite Nette/Fransk Morgenstjerne

5 Ffarwell Ned Pugh/Mae Mwhn Dwedyd

6 Mister Costa/Beggars Roost

7 Auvergne Polka/Cafouilee

8 Four Babies Rants

9 Twenty Eighteen

10 Air

11 Brouillard/Les Cloches