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Sleeve Notes for Nobody here but us.. by Hen Party

Nobody here but us..Described by Jacey Bedford from Artisan as English womens a cappella harmony at its best, the HEN PARTY trio consists of Alison Muir, Heather Bradford and Sarah Morgan, three women whose mature, confident voices blend seamlessly together.


Combining mischief with melancholy, soothing syllables with biting delivery, sad sentiments with sheer joy, HEN PARTY are a female folk group rooted in English traditional style, yet sparkily innovative in their vocal performance.

This CD, Nobody Here but Us..., shows their eclectic range, as they move from the vigorous opener The Wind and The Rain, to Jean Richies The L&N Dont Stop Here Any More, a haunting song about the striking miners in 1940s Kentucky, to Cape Breton Lullaby, a song of love and loss that is delivered sweet but without sentimentality. All the songs chosen for this collection have strong narrative style, particularly anti-war ballads such as The Wife of the Soldier, Bertolt Brechts chillingly simple homage to a war widow.

Recorded with producer Paul Sartin at Wild Goose Studios in Wherwell, Hampshire, Nobody Here But Us..., is the culmination of  three years of singing at clubs and folk festivals up and down the country. HEN PARTY got together in 1995 when they did an impromptu performance at Bracknell Harmony Day, and they havent looked back since.

Each member brings a unique style to the group - Alison sang in a duo with Sheila March throughout the 70s before the joining the famous harmony group Bread and Roses, while Sarah (also a former member of Bread and Roses) has long performed in folk theatre, and sung with various acts including Appalachian vocalist Mary Eagle and fiddle player Mike OConnor. Heather, a singer with the 70s folk/blues band Hannington Light, brings a lilting, punky edge to the HEN PARTY sound.

Track Notes

1 The Wind and the Rain

2 Cape Breton Lullaby

3 The Shores of Jordan

4 The L and N Dont Stop Here Anymore

5 Hushabye my Laddie

6 If I Was a Blackbird

7 Sea Invocation/Tarry Trousers

8 Flanders Tommy

9 Normandy Orchards

10 The Wife of the Soldier

11 Bonny Susie Clelland

12 Til the Spring Comes on the River