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Sleeve Notes for The Amber Triangle by Ian Giles

The Amber TriangleA collection of mainly traditional songs, with some modern songs in traditional style. Backed with a wide variety of acoustic instruments.

Ian  Giles has been singing on the club, and festival circuit for some 25 years, and has established a formidable reputation both as a solo artist, and as vocalist with a number of successful traditional groups.


Here, for the first time under his own name, Ian has collected a selection of favourite songs from his vast repertoire, including:  Aye Waukin O / I Wish I Were Where Ellen Lies / Thornaby Woods / Ratcliffe Highway / High Germany . . . . . . .
Ian is accompanied and supported by a formidable collection of talent including:
Steve Tilston,
Chris Leslie,
Paul Sartin,
Dan Plews,
Tom Bower,
Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, James Fagan, Graham Metcalfe, and
Moira Craig.

Track Notes

1 I Wish I Were Where Ellen Lies

2 Thornaby Woods
trad. arr. Giles, Leslie, Sartin

The gameskeeper outwitted as usual, a none too reliable landlady, an astonishingly lenient Assizes, and a lame dog. From the singing of Roy Bailey

3 Aye Waukin' O
R. Burns arr. Giles, Tilson, Satrin

An insomniac's guide to unrequested love, by Robert Burns

4 John Cherokee

When I first learned this American shanty at school, it was 'executed' in such a dirge like manner that I expelled it immediately from my mind! Until hearing Jim Megeean's rendition twenty years later . . . .

5 Broom of the Cowdenknowes

6 The Streeets of Forbes

7 High Germany / Ratcliffe Highway

8 Banks of the Doe

9 Polly on the Shore

10 Admiral Cole

11 Yarmouth Town

12 By The Hush

13 The Great Silkie

14 Singing Bird