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Sleeve Notes for Call & Cry by Sue Brown & Lorraine Irwing

Call & CryTraditional songs from around the British Isles and beyond: unaccompanied female harmony


This fine collection of songs includes Agincourt Carol which dates back to the fifteenth century and draws on the work of collectors such as Cecil Sharp and Lucy Broadwood. Beautifully delivered, the album has already started to receive high praise from home and abroad.

Track Notes

1 Maying Song

2 William Taylor

3 Stockinger

4 The Gardener

5 En Revenant des Noces

6 Sandgate Dandling Song

7 Fine Flowers in the Valley

8 Fermoy Regatta

9 Searching for Lambs

10 Scarborough Fair

11 Two Pretty Boys

12 I Wish, I Wish

13 Fionnghuala

14 Coventry Carol

15 My Bonny Boy

16 Agincourt Carol

17 Ca the Yowes