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Sleeve Notes for Fair Game by Poacher's Pocket

Fair GameTraditional and new, tunes and songs in the English style: instrumental and vocal, mainly female vocals and harmonies, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, button accordion, concertina, whistles, crumhorn, percussion, electric bass


Poachers pocket are equally at home with modern and traditional folk tunes, as well as songs. Nearly three quarters of the tracks are arrangements of traditional tunes but it is a Paul Brady song which particularly struck one reviewer: a beautiful tune with intelligent lyrics .. beautifully performed.

Track Notes

1 Around the World for Sport

2 Luck of the Draw

3 Captain Campbell

4 I know My Love

5 Salmon Tales

6 My Loves an Arbutus

7 A Man is in Love

8 A Heart Like a Wheel

9 Margarets Waltz

10 Do You Love an Apple

11 Star Above the Garter

12 Three Pretty Maids

13 Dancing Bear