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Sleeve Notes for Peaceful Harbour by Chris Timson & Anne Gregson

Peaceful HarbourNew and traditional songs from England and America: instrumental and vocal, male and female vocals, close harmony, English and Anglo concertinas.


Chris Timson and Anne Gregson have been singing together for many years and are well known as English folk festival and folk club guests. Anne is an accomplished singer and songwriter with a voice both delicate and powerful by turns. Anne won the Sidmouth Folk Festival Singer competition in 1991.

Together Anne and Chris sing a wide range of modern and traditional songs from Britain and America, with a strong emphasis on Annes songs. All the songs are interpreted with a strong English folk style. Both Anne and Chris play concertina - Anne plays English system while Chris plays Anglo. The concertinas are used both for song accompaniment and for Annes unusual arrangements of tunes for both instruments.

Track Notes

1 All in Harmony

2 The World Turned Upside Down

3 Crawdad Song

4 When I come Home

5 Woolwich Ferry Waltz

6 Betty Anne

7 Goovin with Mr Lachanal

8 Good Morning Sir

9 The Dilly Song

10 Peaceful Harbour

11 Steam Fair

12 Another Year

13 Rolling Down to Old Maui

14 Nottamun Town

15 Bartoks Last Stand

16 Sail Away

17 Punch and Judy

18 When it Comes to the Evening

19 Hangman

20 Come Trust in Me

21 This Time Again