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Sleeve Notes for Far Distant Stars by Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner

Far Distant StarsBrace yourselves! They're back with yet another CD of songs topical, lyrical, fanciful, comical, miserable, and sometimes hysterical... all guaranteed to entertain and keep you on your musical toes.

"Stunning harmonies", "ingenious",  "outrageous"  (Everyman Folk Club)

Track Notes

1 Bold Grenadier

A song of seduction and deceit.

2 Secrets
Lynne Heraud

A bit of insider information about the two of us!

3 Poor Murdered Woman

A true story. The unfortunate woman in this song was discovered by a local hunt in Leatherhead, Surrey. A local gardener, James Fairs, composed this song in 1834. The perpetrator was never brought to justice and the woman’s identity was never known.

4 Stress Incontinence
Lynne Heaud

An all too common problem!

5 How the Cold Winds Do Blow
Graeme Miles

One of the many songs written by the late Graeme Miles and based, he told us, on a true story.

6 Moth
Anne Lister

A beautiful song and one of our favourites.

7 Mr Double-Barrelled
Lynne Heraud

A song about the upwardly mobile Betty Smith

8 He went For a Soldier
Ruth Comfort Mitchell/Lynne Heraud

A poem written by Ruth Comfort Mitchell either during or after the First World War.

9 Trolley Dating
Pat Turner

A new craze that might be sweeping supermarkets in South East England.

10 Sheep Crook and Black Dog

There are numerous versions of this beautiful song of unrequited love, sometimes known as ‘Flora’ or ‘Floro’.

11 Song For Tom
Pat Turner

In memory of Lynne’s much loved youngest son, who so enjoyed our music.

12 Sympathy
Rare Bird

An early 1970’s song written and performed by the rock band Rare Bird, which is still as relevant today as ever.

13 Mr and Mrs Smith
Lee & David

A true music hall song, as sung by Miss Clarice Mayne. The old ones are still the best!

14 Iron Angels
Paul Davenport

Paul Davenport’s haunting lullaby, the title of which was inspired by Anthony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’.