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Sleeve Notes for Look Out! by White Star Lineup

Look Out!On the night of April 14th 1912, Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. She sank in the early hours of April 15th, claiming more than 1500 lives; among the dead were over 500 crew whose home was Southampton.

Look Out! is the story of Titanic and Southampton, from her anticipated arrival in the town, through the despair of the tragedy, and the consequences for those left behind.

Central to the story are the crew, particularly Fred Fleet, one of the look-outs on that fateful night. He was the first to see the iceberg, and lived with the memories and repercussions for the rest of his life.


Disc 1
1. The Night The Ship Went Down (Hooper)
2. So Many Tears (Henry)
3. The Workhouse Instead (Hooper)
4. Jobs For The Boys (Henry)
5. When Jack Comes Back (Henry)
6. Northam's List pt1 (Wake)
7. Cast Off The Lines (Wake)
8. Just A Girl (Hooper)
9. 21 Knots (Henry)
10. Whiskers Round The Light (Henry)
11. The Band Played On (Wake)
12. Pull Away Girls (Henry)
Disc 2
13. Northam's List pt2 (Wake)
14. Never Seen The Like Of It Before (Hooper)
15. White Star (Wake)
16. The Lady On The Bicycle (Wake/Couling)
17. Southampton Lullaby (Hooper)
18. Say The Word (Henry)
19. Eva's Song (Hooper)
20. Master At Arms (Hooper)
21. An Ordinary Bloke (Wake)
22. Tears Of The Angel (Henry)
23. April In Southampton (Hooper)

Sleeve Notes

Who could tell that the newspaper seller in the centre of Southampton in the 60s had such
a prominent role in a pivotal tale in the history of the city? The Night The Ship Went Down

Throughout the centuries, countless ships have left Southampton to all parts of the world,
whether for peaceful purposes or in times of war. So Many Tears

At the start of the 20th Century times were hard for the seafaring community of the town.
Coal strikes were threatening their livelihood on the ships and options were limited. The
Workhouse Instead

The imminent arrival of RMS Titanic signalled hope, the prospect of jobs for years to
come, Jobs For The Boys, and a brighter future for the wives and families left behind. When
Jack Comes Back, Northam's List pt1

At noon on Wednesday April 10th, Titanic pulled away from berth 44, taking with her the
hopes and dreams of some 2208 souls. Cast Off The Lines, Just A Girl

After stopping off at Cherbourg and Queenstown, Titanic set course across the North
Atlantic, covering 480 miles on her first full day. 21 Knots

For the crew on board on the night of Sunday 14th April 1912, this was apparently going
to be just another cold night at sea. Whiskers Round The Light

At 1140 on the evening of Sunday April 14th, tragedy struck, and two and a half hours
later she sank, taking 1500 passengers and crew with her. The Band Played On

Tragically only a relative few found places in the lifeboats, and they could only sit, watch and
listen. Many of the women helped row the boats to safety. Pull Away Girls

The news of the tragedy slowly filtered through to the streets of Southampton where
most of the crew came from. Northam's List pt2

In rapidly-convened enquiries, the full story of that fateful night was heard in the
testimonies of survivors, including Fred Fleet, the look-out who raised the alarm. Never
Seen The Like Of It Before

After the enquiries, recriminations surfaced from the  surviving crew who felt they had
been treated unfairly by the White Star Line. White Star

Relief funds were set up locally and nationally for the grief-stricken families of the crew who
were lost. Miss Newman visited these families in the town, distributing money. The Lady
On The Bicycle

For the surviving crew and their families who weren't able to benefit from the Relief Funds,
it seemed that they were worse off, with work still being scarce. Southampton Lullaby

Afterwards, Fred Fleet spent many more years working on ships across the Atlantic and down
to South Africa. Say The Word

When Fred eventually gave up the sea for a land-based job, it enabled him to spend more
time with Eva - his wife of many years. Eva's Song

Employed as Shore Master at Arms for Union Castle, Fred Fleet could look back on his life
and the years since the disaster. Master At Arms

In the spring of 1912, Fred Fleet had been at the centre of the Titanic tragedy. Fifty years
later, the people who buy the Echo from him in Pound Tree Road are oblivious to his past.
An Ordinary Bloke

Echoes of the past are not easily erased, and the various memorial around the city,
particularly the Engineers Monument presided over by an angel, ensure that the past is
never far away. Tears Of The Angel

For Southampton, the story of Titanic is not just about the loss of a ship. It tells of over
500 of her townsfolk, cruelly taken from her, and of the heartbreak and hardship endured
by those left behind. April In Southampton

Track Notes

1 The Night The Ship Went Down

2 So Many Tears

3 The Workhouse Instead

4 Jobs For The Boys

5 When Jack Comes Back

6 Northam's List pt1

7 Cast Off The Lines

8 Just A Girl

9 21 Knots

10 Whiskers Round The Light

11 The Band Played On

12 Pull Away Girls

13 Northam's List pt2

14 Never Seen The Like Of It Before

15 White Star

16 The Lady On The Bicycle

17 Southampton Lullaby

18 Say The Word

19 Eva's Song

20 Master At Arms

21 An Ordinary Bloke

22 Tears Of The Angel

23 April In Southampton