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Sleeve Notes for Gleowien by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

GleowienGleowien is a middle English word meaning to make music and merry. This album is dedicated to that, containing English traditional and Swedish pipe tunes and songs from Child Ballad to self penned, accompanied by a multiplicity of instruments both English and Swedish.


English traditional and Swedish pipe tunes, a song based on a child Ballad and some self penned songs. There are vocals from both Vicki and Jonny. Vicki plays Scottish Small pipes, Swedish nyckelharpa and wooden flute. Jonny plays guitar, accordion and Swedish cittra.

Track Notes

1 Gleowien

2 William

3 Asavagen

4 The Dood Night Kiss

5 Whist

6 Follow Me Home

7 Time Out

8 Fikavalsen

9 The Roses Three

10 Puget

11 Lord Ullin's Daughter

12 Trad II