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Sleeve Notes for The Food of Love by Belshazzar's Feast

The Food of LoveDouble album. A studio and a live performance album from these masters of entertainment.

Paul Sartin  vocals, fiddle, oboe
Paul Hutchinson  accordion


'My personal find of the festival - Paul Hutchinson and Paul Sartin play like no-one else you've ever heard. Their music is breathtaking and wickedly inventive and the between-tunes interchange as intelligent and hilarious as the music. But don't let me give you the impression they're a lightweight comedy act: they finish the set with a haunting piece of oboe and accordion magic which has the audience spellbound.'

BBC Radio 2 Mike Harding Show online,
Sidmouth International Festival 2001

Track Notes

1 Mundesse/Gathering Peascods

Two quintessential English tunes which we have been playing for a number of years to the delight of audiences everywhere with the notable exception of Sir Bob Geldorf who composed the hit song demonstrating his hate of the first tune, I donít like Mundesse.

2 Twenty, Eighteen

The title refers to the chorus of the song which weíve left out because it involves counting. Hard to believe, but itís a love song from Norfolk.

3 Softly Good Tummas/Shropshire Lass

We learnt Softly Good Tummas from our cd entitled The She Favourite, the dance was composed by Nathaniell Kynaston and first published in 1718. We are indebted to Andrew Shaw for bringing this to our attention. The Shropshire Lass was collected around the early 19th century and was named after Sheila Mainwaring of Wellington. These tunes have two things in common, Kynaston and Mainwaring were both Dancing Masters (or in the case of Sheila - a Dancing Mistress) and originate from the Shropshire/Welsh borders.

4 Dol Thy Ale/Rumanian Dance

The words of the song are mediaeval and refer to the horrors of heavy drinking. The tune is by Paul Dickenson who knows nothing about the subject, honest. The tune was collected by Bartok, suprisingly in Rumania.

5 Rondo a la Turkey
Public Domain

Mozartís first foray into the murky world of Appalachian music. Aged 5yrs, he joined the local dance display side in Salzburg and wrote and performed this set because he was fed up with playing Flop Earíd Mule.

6 Calne/Be Careful in Choosing a Wife
Hutchinson / Trad

Paul H wrote this tune to celebrate his move to the cosmopolitan town of Calne in April 07. Calne was also the home of the Harris sausage factory but nothing else. The song is another one of Edith Sartinís.

7 Best of Friends/Bishop of Chesterís Jig
Sartin / Trad

Best of Friends was written by Paul S for the song of the same name by Scottish singer Ian Bruce, who used to try and work with us, and was recorded on an EP called Annie Laurie. The Bishop of Chesterís Jig is supposedly by Henry Purcell. We learnt it from Rod Stradling, who is both a box player and an Olympic event.

8 Gentle Diana/Navvy Man
Markham / Trad

This poignant melody was composed by Alice Markham from Washington. We met Alice whilst on a tour (Betty Ford Clinic) in America a few years ago, she had written this tune in the memory of Diana Princess of Wales. Gentle Diana bears an uncanny resemblance to the tune of the Navvy Man and is pure and happy coincidence. The Navvy Man was collected from Paul Sís ancestor Edith Sartin in Corscombe, Dorset, In 1907 by the Hammond brothers. It appears to be unique to Edith, as we canít find any other versions sung by anyone else - probably because itís not very good.

9 Cal
Mark Knopfler

The theme music from the film Cal, composed by Mark Knopfler. As it happens, we do like the tune, but really wanted to swell Markís coffers since we have been told (by Paul Hís mum) that he is in dire straits.

10 The Begging Song/Bacca Pipes Jig

Begging song was collected by Cecil Sharp in a pub in Dartmoor. Bacca Pipes was written by Henry VIII, who was as prolific a composer as he was a husband.

11 Music for a Found Harmonium

Paul H was lent a copy of the ballet Still Life at the Penguin Cafe nearly 20 years ago. Following the ballet there was a documentary about Simon Jeffes which was interspersed with tunes he had composed for the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Frustratingly, this video became corrupted by other tv programmes being taped over it thus making it quite difficult to learn.

22 Boda Waltz/ Miss Loveís Waltz

Swedenís first entry into the Eurovision Song Contest followed by Dorsetís first entry. (Nil points)

23 Tommy Jenkins/Hunt the Squirrel

Two jigs. We are in dispute about who taught us the first tune, Paul H thinks it was Joshua Bell, Paul S thinks it was Flos Headford. Hunt the Squirrel is a euphemism and we are in dispute about that too.

24 La Belle Jardiniere/Ebenezer

La Belle Jardiniere (the beautiful gardener) was dug up from the Masif Centrale Tune Book 1, whilst Ebenezer (Congregational Praise no 442) was learned from the singing of the Sutton Road Congregational Church Choir, Bournemouth

25 Goliath of Gath

The only useful thing Paul S learnt at school

26 Ffarwel Ned Pugh / unknown

Two Welsh entries in the Eurovision Song Contest held at Llangollen. (Nil points).

27 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/Spring from the Four Seasons

Two more Eurovision Song Entries, the first from Austria and the other from Italy. (Nil points).

28 Hashbaz

Something we got from Hurdy Gurdy player, Mark Powell. Sadly, we havenít been able to shake it off.