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Sleeve Notes for Six by Two by The Askew Sisters

Six by TwoA six track EP introducing Emily and Hazel Askew who are a young duo playing mainly traditional music and songs in a modern and exciting style.
6 track showcase EP


Emily and Hazel Askew were born and bred in London, but were diluted from a
young age with regular visits to Sidmouth Festival and folk dances. As time passed they became increasingly interested in the music side and have
gradually built up skills on various instruments, much to the dismay of their neighbours. They have been playing together for years, and were both in Hampshire based band Rubber Chicken, which Emily formed. In the
last year they have started working seriously as a duo, now on fiddle and
melodeon with the addition of songs.

Chasse Pain:By Giles Chabanet.

This tune was written by the Hurdy Gurdy player, Giles Chabanet. Hazel learnt it from fellow melodeon player Nick Cooke at Sidmouth.

Robin Wood and the Pedlar

We slightly adapted this song from a version collected from George Trainer in Sussex. We like to think of it as an old fashioned mugging tale, it makes
us feel more at home, being from London!

Little Polly Polka / Dick Iriss Hornpipe

Little Polly is a great English polka we picked up somewhere. Dick Iriss
Hornpipe was learnt at Sheffield folk festival and is a brilliant tune from
the East Anglian step dancing tradition.

Hanter Dro

This is a lovely French dance tune used for a type of French dance involving linking little fingers. Hazel learnt it from Julian Sutton at a Melodeons at Witney workshop.


This is a great song about a woman trying to find out if her lover is worthy enough to marry. I wonder if he did marry her after this......shes
certainly not for the weak hearted!

Glorishears / Eleanor Rigby

Glorishears is a morris tune, and this version is from the Fieldtown
tradition. Eleanor Rigby is the result of a Music Technology experiment as part of Emilys AS level coursework!

Track Notes

1 Chasse Pain

2 Robin Wood and the Pedlar

3 Little Polly Polka / Dick Irisís Hornpipe

4 Hanter Dro

5 Sovay

6 Glorishears / Eleanor Rigby