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Sleeve Notes for Toadstone by Random

ToadstoneGutsy, melodic, folk-rock interpretation of tunes with traditional roots, creates scintillating ceilidh music that will make you want to dance. The band is led and produced by by one of the best melodeon players in the country - Saul Rose


Random are:

Saul Rose -  Melodeons
Glynn Burch - Trombone
Keith Holloway - Bass Guitar
Paul Nye - Melodeon, Harmonica
Roger Smith - Drums
Ian Woledge - Guitar

Mount Hills /
Two very different Playford tunes, the first learned from the legends that are Pyewacket, the second from Eliza Carthy when I was lucky enough to guest with her band on tour in Ireland.

Mopping the Cedar
A tune from the USAs Bob Walser, learned by Paul at one of the sessions in the Villiers Arms, Oxhey. We play a more eceilidh friendly version here with several chromatic notes (or accidentals  sums up us squeezebox players in one word!) removed. Bob is said not to be overly impressed by this wanton tune vandalism, but the result is awesome! Sorry Bob!

Liverpool / Rose of Liseaux
Ive been playing Liverpool for a dogs age, it was the first tune I played on my first ever Castagnari (aah!). Ive nearly got the hang of it, too. Rose is from the magic fingers of the ever lovely Tim Van Eyken (ooh!). Thanks Tim!

Shed Happens / Mad Moll
Shed happens, mostly to Paul, and although I reckon all of Random have a good case for Shed of the Year, Paul wins as he has both an amazing shed and the tune to back it up. I learned Mad Moll from the iconic Gas Mk 5 and Dan Quinn, then later with the 7 Champions. I do enjoy its cameo appearance.

Waiting for a Partner / Twin Sisters
These tunes are Glynns favourites  he loves playing them and we love what he does with them.
Waiting for a Partner was learned by most of us in sessions. Theres a bit more tune vandalism here but all in the name of fun. Actually I mean noise  big thanks to Squeezy John Spiers for the mad melodeon and to Ian for lending me his one!
Twin Sisters is a name for several tunes, this one seems to be more commonly known as the Upton upon Severn Stick Dance tune. Quoted in Lionel Bacons A Handbook of Morris Dances from 1974  as being collected by Dr Maud Karpeles in Newfoundland (EFDSS Jour 1933, p101) but John Kirkpatrick tells me its from East Orange, Vermont, via Malon Hamilton. Thanks very much either way.

Unnamed Sussex Waltz / Emilys Waltz
I learned this first tune whilst ferreting about in the Sussex Tune Book with Liza some years ago. Its one of my all time favourite tunes, which I play on my own here but love to play in duet with Liza. Or Tim. Or anyone that stands still long enough. Emilys comes from my very good friend Lord Maclaine of Bath, the ber meister of the hammered dulcimer. Its about tractors, apparently.

Tubeless / Cruel Wars
Two tunes from Paul. The first he wrote. I say wrote, apparently it formed itself in his head. In a supermarket. So much so that he rushed home to play it before it went away (the way they do) and unfortunately forgot the one thing he went out for  toothpaste. The second Paul learned from Ramsbottoms Young May Moon album over 20 years ago, this tune goes by a different name in France. Paul says to watch out for cliffs, which is good advice, but I think these ones may be musical.

Woodland Revels / Horses Branle
Woodland Revels is a good time tune learned from Rod Stradling and subsequently Flowers and Frolics. Its played by many, but not as many as the infamous and ancient Breton tune, The Horses Branle, from a collection called Orchesographie, (1588) by Thoinot Arbeau
So, give these tunes the Random treatment and imagine dancing Hugh Rippons The Willow Tree to them.
Its nice.

Maitińa / Flexitune
I learned Maitińa from The Ran Tan Band and the delicious Martin Ellison. Its based on a tune played by the Galician piper Emilio Corral and features on Ran Tans superb album The Big Cheese. Flexitune is ironically named; its from our very own Paul and takes its title from the random (ha ha) and fluctuating nature of a young melody. That is until he played it to me, which is the version you hear here.

Captain Courageous / Ice House Schottische No.2
Two wonderful tunes from hurdygurdy player Nigel Eaton. The first is from his album with Julie Murphy, Whirling Pope Joan, and weve paired it with Ice House, taken from Panic at the Caf, with Andy Cutting, Ian Luff and Tim Panting.

Saul Rose, June 2005

Track Notes

1 Mount Hills

2 Mopping the Cedar

3 Liverpool - Rose of Liseaux

4 Shed Happens - Mad Moll

5 Waiting for a Partner - Twin Sisters

6 Unnamed Sussex Waltz / Emily’s Waltz

7 Tubeless - Cruel Wars

8 Woodland Revels - Horses Branl

9 Maitińa / Flexitune

10 Captain Courageous / Ice House Schottische No. 2